The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) makes machine and machine communications to be connected, wireless, synced up, and remoted in. PROSCEND M300/M301 Industrial 4G LTE Cellular Routers support various serial communication protocols for rich connectivity and provide VPN tunneling for access to valuable data with security and encryption protection for M2M and IIoT applications.

MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) is one of the mainstream protocols based on the pub/sub pattern, which is a lightweight and resource-efficient data transfer to simplify the connectivity between devices. PROSCEND M300/M301 Industrial 4G LTE Cellular Routers act as a central broker that indicate the action to be performed on an identified topic from publishers to subscribers on different devices instead of being directly transmitted to multiple clients such as remote interfaces or management software. To utilizing the data, topic names are assigned to the variables or tags they wish to publish to the subscribers and simply create authenticated messages to specify what topic should be limited by the ACL control. As shown in the figure 1, the publisher2 (Pub2) delivers the critical message to subscriber1 (Sub1) and subscriber3 (Sub3) that have been set up the critical channels through M300/M301 cellular routers as a MQTT Broker when the publisher2 (Pub2) has an emergency notification.

MQTT Broker 

Figure 1: The M300/M301 Industrial 4G LTE Cellular Routers act as a MQTT Broker.

Modbus is the most preferred serial communications protocol that follows a master–slave model and provides a client/server communication between devices connected for industrial or SCADA systems. For example, SCADA systems measure humidity and temperature and communicate the results to a computer. With RS-485, the M300/M301 Industrial 4G LTE Cellular Routers feature the Modbus gateway convert the Modbus TCP to the Modbus RTU protocol and send it to the connected RS-485 devices. In addition, you can use the Modbus software which supported the Modbus RTU over TCP to control the Modbus sensors/devices. PROSCEND M300/M301 Industrial 4G LTE Cellular Routers allow remote users to monitor and control machines and enables access to data through secure VPN connections. The devices are allowed to log data directly to database servers over a WAN or LTE. 

 Modbus Gateway and MQTT Broker Application Figure

Figure 2: The M300/M301 Industrial 4G LTE Cellular Routers provide MQTT/Modbus with VPN for secure and reliable M2M applications.

PROSCEND is committed to developing and deploying flexible applications for mission-critical cellular communications to provide advance the IIoT in efficient and effective solutions. MQTT and Modbus serve an important role, MQTT as a global protocol to expand the reach of devices’ data and Modbus as a local interface to manage devices. Compared to machine replacement, PROSCEND M300/M301 Industrial 4G LTE Cellular Routers are an inexpensive option for upgrading existing machines or adding to new machine builds. Please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more product information.

Key Features

  • Highly reliable and secure for mission-critical cellular communications
  • Provide flexible options to configure LAN/ WAN ports
  • Support multi-band connectivity with FDD LTE/TDD LTE/WCDMA/GSM/LTE Cat4
  • Built-in dual SIM for network redundancy
  • Integrated dual detachable antenna against radio interference
  • LED indicators for connection and data transmission status
  • Industrial rated from -20°C to +70°C for use in harsh environments
  • Metal Housing with IP40 industrial-grade protection
  • IPv6/IPv4 dual stack and all applications are IPv6 ready
  • Support various serial communication protocols for M2M connectivity
  • Enhance security and encryption for authentication and transmission
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